Ian Roland Oakley

Departamento de Matemática e Engenharias
Universidade da Madeira

Campus Universitário da Penteada
9000-390 Funchal

Telefone: +351 291705117
Fax: +351 291705199
Email: ian(at)uma.pt
www: http://dme.uma.pt/people/faculty/Ian.Oakley/
Office: Room 2.58

Actividade Profissional

  • Professor Auxiliar, Universidade da Madeira, Portugal, desde 2007
  • Researcher, Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute, Korea, 2006-2007
  • Researcher, Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology, Korea, 2005
  • Research Associate, MIT Media Lab Europe, Ireland, 2001-2004

Habilitações Académicas

  • PhD in Human Computer Interaction, 2003
  • Joint Hons BSc (First Class) in Computing Science and Psychology, 1996

Áreas de Investigação

  • Interaction Design
  • Multi-modal Interfaces
  • Mobile, wearable, and pervasive computing


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