Warrior Quest

Virtual Game Introduction


You are Tlaloc, the righteous Aztec god of Thunder, Earthquake and Rain, who fought the evil Fire God Xirimtok for centuries. A few years ago and after some hard battles you managed to imprison him inside an inactive volcano. The situation has changed, though, and you've heard rumors that Xirimtok is planning his destructive return. Several Aztec villages have been sacrificing their own people in order to appease the Fire God's wrath. As their protector, you have been summoned to save the Aztec people from the erupting volcano, and at the same time put an end to Xirimtok's plans.

Virtual Game Introduction


Our game uses an interface based on a novel integration of a Leap Motion device and input data from webcam. LeapMotion is a device that allows users to control their computers with a wave of their hands, without ever touching the keyboard. We combine the Leap Motion with a face recognition software in order to give even more control to the game player. This game was built using Unity.

Virtual Game Introduction

How to Play

You must carry the groups of villagers to safety at the magic portals that you have created in different places throughout the volcano. Be careful though! The crater of this active volcano is full of loose rocks, flowing lava, and bursts of fire! Be sure not to let the villagers be burned by the molten lava, and remember that, as the god of Rain, you have the power to temporarily put out volcanic fires. This game offers multiple levels. In every level, you must save the villagers before the lava rises so high that they cannot possibly escape!